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Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor Review

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Looking to revolutionize your golf game? The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is here to transform your practice sessions.

Developed in collaboration with the legendary Tiger Woods himself, this portable launch monitor boasts tour-level accuracy and a customizable OLED full-color screen. It tracks club and ball data with precision, capturing 16 data points in every swing for detailed analysis.

With high-resolution video replay and intuitive controls, the Full Swing KIT is a game-changer. Whether you’re honing your skills on the range or playing a virtual round, this launch monitor has got you covered.

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to the future of golf improvement. Get ready to take your game to the next level with the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor.

What are the 16 club & ball data points included with KIT?

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor includes 16 club and ball data points that provide valuable insights into your swing and performance. These data points are crucial in understanding and analyzing your golf game. Let’s take a closer look at each of the 16 data points included with the Full Swing KIT.

  1. Carry Distance: This data point measures the distance the ball travels through the air before it lands.
  2. Total Distance: It represents the overall distance the ball travels, including both carry and roll.
  3. Spin Rate: This data point measures the rate at which the ball spins in revolutions per minute (RPM). It affects the trajectory and control of the ball.
  4. Spin Axis: It indicates the tilt or side spin of the ball, which can impact the ball’s flight path.
  5. Face Angle: This data point measures the angle of the clubface at impact, influencing the direction of the ball.
  6. Face to Path: It represents the difference between the clubface angle and the swing path, affecting the ball’s curvature.
  7. Attack Angle: This data point measures the angle at which the clubhead approaches the ball, influencing the launch and ball flight.
  8. Launch Angle: It indicates the angle at which the ball takes off from the ground, affecting the trajectory and distance.
  9. Ball Speed: This data point measures the speed of the ball immediately after impact with the clubface.
  10. Club Speed: It represents the speed of the clubhead at impact, influencing the distance and ball speed.
  11. Smash Factor: This data point is the ratio of ball speed to club speed. It indicates the efficiency of the energy transfer from the club to the ball.
  12. Club Path: It measures the direction in which the clubhead is moving through impact, affecting the ball’s flight path.
  13. Horizontal Angle: This data point represents the deviation of the ball’s flight from the target line horizontally.
  14. Apex Height: It indicates the maximum height the ball reaches during its flight.
  15. Side Carry Distance: This data point measures the lateral distance the ball carries from the target line.
  16. Side Total Distance: It represents the overall lateral distance the ball travels, considering both carry and roll.

Understanding these 16 club and ball data points provided by the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor allows you to gain valuable insights into your swing, make necessary adjustments, and improve your overall performance on the golf course.

Does KIT work outdoors and indoors?

You may be wondering if KIT works both outdoors and indoors. The answer is yes! Thanks to its innovative radar and built-in high-resolution camera, KIT is capable of accurate data collection and video recording in a variety of environments. Whether you’re at the range, on the course, in your backyard, or even indoors, KIT can provide you with the information you need to improve your game.

With its modern design and included durable padded case, transporting KIT to and from wherever the game takes you is easier than ever. You can confidently bring KIT with you to the range or on the course, knowing that it can handle the outdoor elements. Its radar technology ensures accurate data collection regardless of the outdoor conditions, allowing you to analyze your swing and make necessary adjustments.

But KIT doesn’t stop there. It’s also designed to be used indoors as a golf simulator. With a firmware update, KIT can provide you with a full golf simulation experience, allowing you to practice and play in the comfort of your own home. You can connect KIT to the iOS version of E6 CONNECT, which offers data viewing, video storage, trend tracking, and club management through a companion app. No leveling calibration or stickers are needed, and alignment can be easily set through the app or buttons on the unit.

What are the Virtual Gameplay Software options?

To explore the Virtual Gameplay Software options, let’s delve into the choices available for enhancing your Full Swing KIT experience.

  1. Full Swing Golf for KIT Software Package: This proprietary software package is available with the Full Swing KIT Studio with PC Packages. It allows you to experience some of the world’s most iconic courses and a customizable driving range. With this package, you can play 15 courses, including breathtaking courses like Spyglass Hill and PGA TOUR stops from the TPC Network of Courses. The Full Swing Golf for KIT Software Package offers a subscription-based model for access.
  2. e6 Connect Perpetual Package: Every Full Swing KIT comes with the e6 Connect Perpetual Package, which includes 5 courses and 15 practice areas for your iPhone or iPad. The e6 Connect Perpetual Package offers online contests, peer-to-peer play, and an immersive golfing experience. This package has two subscription options: Basic Subscription for $299/year with online contests and peer-to-peer play, and Expanded Subscription for $599/year with over 100+ courses and practice areas.
  3. Full Swing App: The Full Swing App is available on iOS devices and provides an intuitive and responsive interface for enhancing your Full Swing KIT experience. With the app, you can align the monitor, make club changes, and modify display settings. It allows you to access all data points and swing videos, customize data display, and offers connectivity options. There’s also an upgrade option for cloud storage and advanced features.
  4. Compatibility with E6 Software: The Full Swing KIT is compatible with E6 software, which allows you to enjoy a realistic golf simulation experience. You can add-on golf course play and play on courses trusted by PGA Tour professionals. The Full Swing App is included in the KIT and offers a glossary for explanations of the various features.

With these Virtual Gameplay Software options, you have the opportunity to enhance your Full Swing KIT experience by playing iconic courses, participating in online contests, and accessing a wealth of data and swing videos. Choose the option that suits your preferences and take your golfing practice to the next level.

How much space is needed to use outdoors or indoors?

For optimal use outdoors or indoors with the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor, adequate space is required. Outdoors, you’ll need to position the KIT 10 feet behind the golf ball to ensure accurate radar readings and video recording. This distance allows the monitor to accurately capture and analyze your swing data.

Indoors, you’ll need a bit more space. To achieve optimal performance, you’ll need approximately 8-10 feet of ball flight to the screen or net. This distance allows the KIT to accurately measure your ball flight and provide accurate feedback on your shots. Additionally, you’ll need 8-10 feet of space behind the golf ball for the KIT to capture your swing data effectively.

It’s important to note that these space requirements are necessary for the Full Swing KIT to deliver accurate readings and provide an immersive golfing experience. Without adequate space, the monitor may not be able to accurately track your shots and provide valuable feedback.

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive setup, Full Swing also offers Studio Packages that provide an all-in-one solution for both indoor and outdoor use. These packages include everything you need to create a complete golf simulation and training environment.

How accurate is the Full Swing KIT?

The accuracy of the Full Swing KIT is crucial to its performance as a launch monitor and golf simulator. Here are four key points to consider regarding the accuracy of the Full Swing KIT:

  1. Firmware Updates: The Full Swing team regularly releases updates to improve accuracy and performance. With firmware release #20 within 18 months of product launch, users can expect ongoing enhancements to ensure optimal accuracy.
  2. Minimal Differences in Data: When compared to high-end launch monitors like GCQuad and Trackman, the Full Swing KIT showed minimal differences in data. Specifically, differences in launch and spin were less than half a degree and 50 rpms. This level of accuracy makes the Full Swing KIT a reliable choice for golfers.
  3. Validation from Golfers and Professionals: The accuracy of the Full Swing KIT has been validated by experienced golfers and teaching professionals. Their positive experiences with the KIT’s accuracy and consistency compared to higher-priced launch monitors are a testament to its reliability.
  4. Trusted Endorsement: The Full Swing KIT is trusted and endorsed by Tiger Woods, as well as other top PGA Tour professionals like Jon Rahm. This endorsement further reinforces the accuracy and performance of the Full Swing KIT.

With its high level of accuracy, the Full Swing KIT provides golfers with reliable data to analyze their swings and improve their game. Whether you’re a professional golfer or a recreational player, the Full Swing KIT’s accuracy ensures that you can trust the data it provides for a more effective practice session or golf simulation experience.

Is Full Swing Simulator accurate?

You can rely on the accuracy of the Full Swing Simulator for a precise and realistic golfing experience. The Full Swing Simulator has been validated by experienced golfers and teaching professionals, and it has been found to have minimal differences in data compared to other high-end launch monitors such as GCQuad and Trackman. In fact, the differences in launch and spin were less than half a degree and 50 rpms, which demonstrates the high level of accuracy provided by the Full Swing Simulator.

One of the key features of the Full Swing Simulator is its versatility in viewing data. The Full Swing app, available on iOS devices with Android compatibility planned for the future, offers multiple options for viewing data, including on-device, phone, tablet, monitor, smartwatch, or audio/headphones. This allows you to customize your experience and choose the most convenient way to analyze your swings and track your progress.

The Full Swing Simulator is also highly user-friendly and easy to use. There’s no need for additional tools like levels or lasers to line up shots, as the built-in camera guides alignment within the app or on-device screen. The simulator has a quick boot-up time of less than a minute, allowing you to start practicing or playing without any delay.

Can the Full Swing launch monitor be used as a simulator?

To use the Full Swing launch monitor as a simulator, simply connect it to the Full Swing App on your iOS device and enjoy a realistic golfing experience from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Connect to the Full Swing App: Download and install the Full Swing App on your iOS device. Once you have the app, connect your Full Swing launch monitor to your device using a Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Realistic Golfing Experience: With the Full Swing launch monitor connected to the app, you can experience a lifelike golfing simulation. Play on a variety of virtual golf courses, practice your swings on driving ranges, and compete in online contests.
  3. Customizable Display: The Full Swing App allows you to customize the display options for your simulator experience. You can choose to view data points such as carry distance, spin rate, launch angle, and more. The display can be tailored to show up to four data points on the Full Swing launch monitor’s OLED screen.
  4. Enhanced Data Analysis: The simulator functionality of the Full Swing launch monitor provides you with detailed data analysis of your swings. You can review video replays of your shots, analyze swing mechanics, and track your progress over time. This valuable feedback helps you improve your golf game.

Does Tiger Woods use The Full Swing Launch Monitor

Tiger Woods utilizes the Full Swing Launch Monitor for his training and practice sessions. As a professional golfer, Woods understands the value of accurate data and real-time feedback in improving his game. The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor offers him the opportunity to incorporate a state-of-the-art training device into his practice routine, whether at home or on the range.

The Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is equipped with innovative radar technology that captures 16 different points of data with every swing. This wealth of data allows Woods to analyze and track his performance, providing him with valuable insights to make adjustments and refine his technique. From high-resolution replay videos of his range sessions to in-depth analysis of how he hits each club, the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor breaks down every aspect of his swing.

By utilizing the Full Swing Launch Monitor, Woods can track his progress and identify areas for improvement. He can monitor key data points such as club speed, ball speed, launch angle, spin rate, and more. This detailed analysis enables him to make informed decisions about his training and practice sessions, ultimately helping him to elevate his game to new heights.


In conclusion, the Full Swing KIT Launch Monitor is a game-changer for golfers looking to take their skills to the next level.

With its compact design, customizable screen, and tour-level accuracy, it provides comprehensive club and ball data tracking.

Whether practicing outdoors or indoors, this launch monitor offers high-resolution video replay, detailed analysis, and virtual gameplay options.

With its user-friendly interface and accurate measurements, the Full Swing KIT is a top choice for golfers seeking improvement.

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