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You’re on a quest to up your golf game, and TrueStrike Golf Mats might be your ticket. They’re designed to mimic real grass, offering an authentic practice experience right at home.

In this review, you’ll get the lowdown on what sets TrueStrike apart, the variety of models available, and how they stack up against the competition.

Let’s dive in and see how TrueStrike could be a game-changer for your swing.

Understanding TrueStrike Golf Mats

To truly understand TrueStrike Golf Mats, you’ll need to delve into their unique features and benefits that set them apart in the market. Born out of the United Kingdom in 1999, TrueStrike has striven to perfect the art of golf mat creation, focusing on the replication of genuine grass feel and performance. This commitment to authenticity not only enhances your practice experience but also allows for skill improvement.

One of the key features of TrueStrike mats is the insert system: a small strip of premium turf that you can easily replace. This is coupled with a gel-based design that gives you a realistic swing experience and valuable feedback. TrueStrike’s commitment to flexibility is also noteworthy, with at least 3/4 of foam backing to prevent potential injury.

Durability is a recurring theme with these mats. They feature higher-density turf and thicker foam or rubber backing, ensuring that they stand the test of time. Plus, the modular design allows for easy customization and replacement of worn-out inserts.

When it comes to performance, TrueStrike mats excel. Their superior turf construction delivers accurate metrics and a realistic feel, especially significant for launch monitor performance.

The buying process is simplified with a single fairway insert and tee insert, making it user-friendly. With these features, TrueStrike mats become a valuable tool for any golfer, whether you’re a pro at the driving range or a beginner at home.

This innovative approach to golf mat design sets TrueStrike apart, providing you with a product that truly enhances your game.

Key Features and Buying Considerations

As you consider investing in a TrueStrike golf mat, it’s crucial to focus on key features like the inserts, flexibility, durability, and launch monitor performance.

These elements significantly contribute to the overall quality and user experience of the mat. Understanding them in detail will help you make an informed decision when it’s time to purchase.


One standout feature you’ll appreciate in TrueStrike Golf Mats is the insert, a small strip of premium turf that you can easily replace when it wears out. This unique feature, generally found only in high-end golf mats, ensures longevity and cost-effectiveness.

When considering buying a TrueStrike Golf Mat, pay special attention to:

  • Quality of the Insert:
  • The material used
  • The durability it offers
  • Ease of Replacement:
  • How simple the process is
  • The availability of replacement inserts
  • Cost of Replacements:
  • The price point of the inserts
  • The frequency of needing to replace them


After considering the quality and cost-effectiveness of TrueStrike’s unique insert feature, the next aspect you should focus on is the flexibility of the mat.

TrueStrike mats offer an impressive level of flexibility, crucial in preventing pain and potential injury while golfing. Look for mats with at least 3/4′ of foam backing for optimal shock absorption.

This flexibility not only enhances your comfort but also mimics the feel of real grass, giving you a more authentic golfing experience. Moreover, TrueStrike’s flexible design doesn’t compromise on durability. The mat’s high-density turf and thick backing stand up to repeated use.

When buying a golf mat, don’t overlook flexibility – it’s a key factor in a mat’s performance, longevity, and your overall satisfaction.


In your search for the ideal golf mat, you shouldn’t overlook the critical factor of durability, particularly in terms of high-density turf and thick backing. TrueStrike Golf Mats are designed using premium materials, which ensures a long-lasting product. Here are some key features that contribute to its durability:

  • High-Density Turf: This provides a realistic feel and withstands repeated use.
  • Resistant to wear and tear
  • Ensures consistent performance
  • Thick Foam or Rubber Backing: Provides solid support and cushioning.
  • Extends product lifespan
  • Improves shock absorption
  • Easily Replaceable Inserts: Allows easy refreshing of worn-out parts.
  • Enhances durability
  • Saves cost and effort

Launch monitor performance

When considering a TrueStrike Golf Mat, you’ll find that its superior turf construction significantly enhances your launch monitor performance. The turf’s density and thickness minimize club interaction, providing a more realistic feel and producing accurate metrics.

Unlike stickier turfs, which can slow down your club and distort measurements, TrueStrike’s design ensures an optimal swing experience. This is a key feature to consider when investing in a golf mat, as accurate launch monitor readings are critical to improving your game.

Additionally, TrueStrike’s gel-based design provides valuable feedback, further enhancing your practice sessions.

Advantages of TrueStrike Golf Mats

As you consider TrueStrike Golf Mats, you’ll find several distinct advantages.

The gel-based design of these mats offers a truly realistic swing experience.

The modular nature of TrueStrike Golf Mats allows for easy customization.

Additionally, their durability, ability to accommodate real tees, and accuracy with launch monitors make them a standout option in the market.

Gel Based Design

With the advantage of a gel-based design, you’ll find that your TrueStrike golf mat provides an exceptionally realistic swing experience and gives you valuable feedback on every hit. This state-of-the-art gel cushion, nestled under the turf, absorbs impact and vibration just like real grass would, allowing you to practice a more genuine swing.

Benefits of the gel-based design include:

  • Realistic Swing Practice: The gel base promotes a swing that hits down and through the ball, mimicking real ground interaction.
  • Valuable Feedback: The lack of bounce on the mat provides vital feedback on each swing, helping you improve.
  • Impact and Vibration Absorption: The gel cushion effectively absorbs the impact and vibration of your club, preventing potential injury and enhancing the longevity of the mat.

These features make TrueStrike mats stand out in the market.


Embracing the modular design of TrueStrike golf mats, you’ll discover a world of benefits tailored to your golfing needs.

This ingenious design offers unprecedented flexibility in creating a configuration that suits you. Need to expand as your skills grow? It’s as simple as adding another module.

Have a worn-out insert? No need for a completely new mat, just replace the insert and you’re back in the game!

This isn’t just about convenience, it’s about cost-effectiveness too. Plus, no tools are required for assembly, making setup a breeze.

All these features combine to offer a uniquely adaptable, durable and easy-to-maintain golfing solution.

The modular design of TrueStrike golf mats is clearly a game-changer, redefining what you can expect from your golf mat.


You’ll appreciate the remarkable durability of TrueStrike Golf Mats, a key advantage that sets them apart in the market. Built to withstand over 55,000 swings before needing replacement, these mats are an investment in quality and longevity.

The durability of TrueStrike Golf Mats is exemplified in three key ways:

  • Modular Design: Only the worn-out section needs replacement, not the entire mat. This unique design extends the life of your mat significantly.
  • High-Density Turf: The use of superior materials ensures the mats can endure frequent and heavy use.
  • Easy Maintenance: TrueStrike mats are designed to be low maintenance, further enhancing their durability.

Investing in a TrueStrike Golf Mat means investing in a product that’s designed to last.

Tees in mat

While practicing your swing, you’ll appreciate that TrueStrike golf mats allow you to use real tees, enhancing the realism and enjoyment of your home simulator setup. This feature ensures you practice exactly as you play, a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The difference between using real tees and rubber or plastic ones is noticeable, impacting not just the feel of your swing but also the fun of the simulation experience. This ability to use real tees, seemingly minor, is actually a desirable feature common on premium mats like TrueStrike. It indicates the brand’s commitment to delivering a realistic golf experience, right down to the tee.

Thus, TrueStrike mats offer not just durability and performance, but also an authentic practice environment, setting them apart in the market.


When you tee off on a TrueStrike golf mat, you’re getting one of the most accurate simulation experiences on the market. These mats are meticulously designed to replicate real grass, providing an authentic feel and performance that’s hard to beat.

Here are some key advantages:

  • Accuracy: TrueStrike mats have been rigorously tested and shown to provide spin rate and launch angle readings within 3% of shots hit off a real fairway. In contrast, non-premium mats can deviate by over 12%.
  • Realistic Feedback: The gel-based design of these mats offers a realistic swing experience, giving you valuable feedback on every shot.
  • Compatibility with Launch Monitors: When used with launch monitors, TrueStrike mats deliver precise metrics, further enhancing your training sessions.

In short, for accuracy and realism, TrueStrike is a top choice.


In your quest for a realistic golfing experience, TrueStrike golf mats certainly deliver with their numerous advantages.

Their gel-based design provides a forgiving surface that promotes hitting down and through the ball, aiding you in developing proper habits that can be carried onto the course.

Unlike cheaper mats that can lead you to develop a picking motion to avoid injury, TrueStrike mats offer a safer, more authentic practice environment.

The mat won’t reward you for hitting the ball fat; those shots that bounce the club into the ball and still yield a decent result at the range are penalized by TrueStrike.

This level of realism, combined with its durability and flexibility, makes TrueStrike a standout option for enhancing your golfing skills.


You’ll appreciate the safety advantages of TrueStrike golf mats, as their innovative design ensures not only a realistic golfing experience, but also guards against potential injuries. TrueStrike’s unique surface and gel-filled divot simulating subsurface are key to its safety benefits.

  • Safety Features of TrueStrike Mats:
  • Gel-filled Divot:
  • Mimics the natural feel of grass
  • Absorbs shock, reducing strain on your ligaments and joints.
  • Innovative Top Surface:
  • Adds an extra layer of protection
  • Works in tandem with the gel-filled divot to prevent injuries
  • Long term benefits:
  • Avoidance of pain: Regular use of TrueStrike mats reduces the risk of injury.
  • Longevity in Golf: Safeguarding your joints and ligaments can prolong your golfing career.

These features make TrueStrike a safe choice for all golfers.

Exploring Different TrueStrike Models

As you explore the TrueStrike range, you’ll encounter several distinct models, each with its own unique features and benefits.

From the Double and Academy mats, designed for serious practice sessions, to the Single, Static, and Portable mats, which cater to various needs and spaces.

Let’s examine each model and highlight their differences, so you can make an informed choice that suits your golfing requirements.

TrueStrike Double Golf Mat

On your quest for the perfect golf mat, consider the TrueStrike Double Golf Mat, specially designed for both right and left-handers. This mat is primarily aimed at driving ranges or golf pros, but it’s also a fantastic option if you have both right and left-handers at home.

The TrueStrike Double Golf Mat includes:

  • Two ball trays
  • Four range mat sections
  • Two gel sections (comprising of a gel bag, strike surface, and strike surround)

Its dimensions are 110′ in width, 2′ in height, and 52′ in length, and it weighs 166 lbs. The double gel sections provide a realistic experience for each golfer, making this mat a versatile and beneficial addition to your golf practice regimen.

TrueStrike Academy Golf Mat

Continuing your exploration of TrueStrike golf mats, let’s delve into the features and benefits of the TrueStrike Academy Golf Mat.

Ideal for golfers seeking a center hitting position, it’s also a great choice for households with right and left-handed players.

This mat includes two edge trims, four range mat sections, and a gel section which gives realistic feedback on your swings. It comes with a tee receiver and a generous supply of both short and long tees.

With dimensions of 80′ width x 2′ height x 52′ length and a weight of 134 lbs, it’s a substantial piece of kit.

The TrueStrike Academy Golf Mat is robust, offering superior durability and performance, making it a worthwhile investment for any serious golfer.

TrueStrike Single Golf Mat

Shifting your focus to the TrueStrike Single Golf Mat, you’ll find it’s a top-notch choice primarily for golf pros and driving ranges, but it’s also perfect for home use if you’ve got the space. Known for its durability and realistic feel, it provides an authentic golfing experience right in your backyard or indoor simulator.

The package includes:

  • Edge Trim
  • 3 Range Mat Sections
  • Gel Section (comprising a Gel Bag, Strike Surface, and Strike Surround)
  • Ball Tray

The mat measures 77′ in width, 2′ in height, and 52′ in length, weighing in at 112 lbs. This model is designed to offer an immersive, real-grass-like feel, improving your golf skills and providing valuable feedback with every swing.

Explore the TrueStrike Single Golf Mat for a superior practice experience.

TrueStrike Static Golf Mat

If you’re looking for a consistently high-performing golf mat, the TrueStrike Static Golf Mat might be your ideal match. Its gel-based design provides a realistic swing experience, and the modular design allows for easy customization. The mat includes two edge trims, two range mat sections, a gel section, a tee receiver, and both short and long tees.

Weighing 83 lbs with dimensions of 52” x 2” x 52”, this mat is sturdy and spacious, yet manageable to fit in your home setup. Its high-quality materials ensure durability, while the foam backing prevents potential injury. This mat is designed to provide you with accurate metrics and a realistic feel, replicating the performance of actual grass. It’s recommended for most golfers seeking a TrueStrike experience.

TrueStrike Portable Golf Mat

Often, you might find yourself in need of a more flexible and mobile practice option, and that’s exactly where the TrueStrike Portable Golf Mat comes into play. Weighing just 32 lbs, it’s easy to move and set up wherever you need it.

  • Dimensions: It measures 21′ in width, 2′ in height, and 52′ in length, providing ample space for your swing.
  • Gel Section: This includes a Gel Bag, Strike Surface and Strike Surround which mimic the feel of real grass while providing valuable feedback.
  • Tee Receiver: It comes with 25 short and 25 long tees so you can practice different strokes.

With its high-quality materials and innovative features, the TrueStrike Portable Mat is a versatile choice for serious golfers seeking a mobile practice solution.

Top Alternatives to TrueStrike Mats

While TrueStrike mats are a solid choice, you might also consider top-notch alternatives like Fiberbuilt and SIGPRO golf mats. Each offers unique features and advantages that could meet your specific needs.

Fiberbuilt mats are often considered the best in the market. They’re known for their realistic feel, closely mimicking the sensation of striking a ball on natural turf. This is achieved through their proprietary fiber technology, which replicates the give and spring of actual grass. Beyond their feel, Fiberbuilt mats excel in longevity and durability, standing up to heavy use without losing their performance quality. They also offer excellent cushioning, protecting your joints from the hard impact of repeated swings.

On the other hand, SIGPRO mats bring their own strengths to the table. Like Fiberbuilt, SIGPRO mats provide a realistic feel and excellent cushioning, but they add the unique feature of replaceable inserts. This not only extends the mat’s lifespan but also allows you to customize the surface according to your training needs. With SIGPRO, you can easily switch between different types of turf, adjusting your practice environment to match the conditions you’ll face on the course.


When considering the perfect golf mat for you, it’s crucial to weigh in on several factors.

Ask yourself what type of golfer you are, if you’ve ever suffered from an injury while playing, how often you’ll be practicing, and how you’ll be using the mat.

These considerations will guide you to the mat that suits your individual needs and preferences.

What type of golfer are you?

Depending on your specific needs and level of golf expertise, there’s a TrueStrike Golf Mat that’s just right for you. Identifying your golfer type is key to finding the perfect mat.

  • Are you a single-digit handicapper?
  • TrueStrike’s premium mats, like the Double or Single Golf Mat, offer superior feel and accuracy.
  • A golf fanatic who plays for the love of the game?
  • Consider the Static or Academy Golf Mat. They provide a realistic experience without breaking the bank.
  • Looking for portability?
  • The Portable Golf Mat is your best bet.

Each mat offers unique features catering to your needs. So, know your golfer type, then choose the right TrueStrike Golf Mat for you.

Have you been injured before?

If you’ve suffered a golf-related injury before, the right golf mat can make a world of difference in your game. Don’t skimp on quality for cost’s sake, especially when it comes to protecting your joints.

TrueStrike golf mats, with their innovative gel-based design and substantial foam backing, offer you the cushioning necessary to prevent further injury. Their high-density turf and thicker foam or rubber backing ensure durability while providing a realistic swing experience.

From the TrueStrike Single Golf Mat for pros to the Portable Golf Mat for on-the-go golfers, there’s an option to suit your specific needs.

How much will you practice?

In choosing the right TrueStrike golf mat for you, it’s essential to consider how often you’ll be practicing on it. Regular practice sessions demand a mat that can withstand constant use without losing its quality. If you practice a lot, durability and injury protection should also be key considerations.

Here’s why:

Durability: TrueStrike mats have a higher-density turf and thicker foam or rubber backing, ensuring they last longer under frequent use.

Inserts: These can easily be replaced, extending the life of your mat.

Injury Protection: Practicing on a hard surface can lead to injury. TrueStrike mats are designed with flexibility to prevent this.

Foam backing: This provides at least 3/4 of an inch of cushioning, protecting you from potential injuries.

How will the mat be used?

Considering your practice habits, you now need to think about how you’ll use the mat to determine the right TrueStrike Golf mat for you.

Will you use it indoors or outdoors? If you’re practicing outside and weather is a concern, TrueStrike’s durable construction will stand up to the elements.

If you’re inside, consider the static or portable options. If portability is a priority, the TrueStrike Portable Golf Mat is your go-to choice.

Do you want to putt on it? If so, TrueStrike’s realistic feel can help enhance your putting practice.


In conclusion, TrueStrike Golf Mats offer a realistic, high-quality practice experience that can significantly improve your golf game.

With various models to choose from, there’s a mat for every skill level.

While alternatives exist, TrueStrike’s unique technology and quality materials set them apart.

Take your practice sessions to a new level with TrueStrike.

After all, the right golf mat can be a game-changer, and TrueStrike could be just the upgrade you need.

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